Planning for your wedding should be fun, not a time to lay awake worrying about all the things that could go wrong. You can’t control it all, but you can make it easier to fix.

Your Wedding Insurance Policy can cover:

A sudden illness in the family…
Cancellation/Postponement of the event can reimburse you for certain
deposits listed in the policy. For example, venue suddenly goes out of
business, a sudden illness prevents the honorees, parents, grandparents or
children of honorees from attending, or an honoree is unexpectedly called
to duty.
Your caterer goes out of business…
Lost deposits coverage can reimburse you if a vendor goes out of business,
declares bankruptcy before your event, or simply fails to show up.
Photographer loses your photos or fails to show up…
Event photographs and video provides coverage to reimburse you for the
cost of reconvening your wedding party to take new photos or video in the
event your photographer’s film is defective or photos are lost or damaged.
A storm floods your reception hall…
If severe weather (such as a tornado, hurricane or blizzard) forces you
to postpone your wedding, we can provide reimbursement for nonrecoverable
Your grandma’s flight is canceled…
If you have to postpone the wedding because a commercial transportation
shutdown prevents honorees, parents, grandparents or children from
getting there, you can receive reimbursement for non-recoverable
Your wedding dress gets torn…
Special attire can provide coverage if the honoree’s wedding attire is lost
or damaged.
Cousin Joe knocks over the DJ table…
Liability insurance is an optional coverage that can provide coverage for
bodily injury, property damage, and personal injuries to third parties at the
location of your event. You also have the option to include liquor liability
coverage, which protects you from alcohol related law suits brought as a
result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at the wedding you


Wedding and Special Events Insurance:
Mittelstadt also offers coverage that protects:
  – Deposits for cancellation or postponements
  – Liquor Liability
  – General Liability
  – Wedding Gifts
  – Wedding photos/video


Please view our brochure for detailed information.